Town Hall, Insurance & Bank account

Leiden Town Hall registration, only for students living in the city of Leiden.

Students living in other municipalities please contact your local City Hall for details concerning the complete procedure and requirements.

You can make an appointment with the town hall of your residence online. If you are from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland, please do so as early as possible.

Here you will find the link for the Leiden Town Hall registration appointment;

The compulsory time of stay in order to register in the municipality is four months. If your stay in the Netherlands will be shorter than four months, you cannot make an appointment online.

Students who plan to stay for fewer than four four months, please contact the Burgerzaken (Citizen Affairs) department in order to register in the RNI (Non Residents Register). This process will allow you to receive a BSN (Citizen Service Number). Telephone number 14071 (+31715165165).

For more information or to make an appointment online, please visit the city's website:

In order to register in the municipality of Leiden, the following documents are required:

  • Your confirmation of receipt of your residence permit request from the IND (for non-EU/EEA students only; the Immigration Coordinator will provide you with this)
  • A visa (Temporary resident permit (MVV), not a tourist visa) or residence permit 
  • Your passport (original)
  • Your rental contract or a statement from your landlord (if in your possession)

You can make an appointment at the town hall by using this link. You will then receive a link you can use to upload the required documents. You have to be able to provide the original documents during your appointment at the town hall.

When you schedule an appointment, please make sure to:

  • Only schedule an appointment when you are 100% certain that you are available at that time. City hall staff will be expecting you and it may take a long time to reschedule.
  • Only schedule one appointment; if you book more than one time- slot, the Town Hall will cancel all appointments.
  • Be present at the city hall (Stadhuisplein 1, 2311 EJ Leiden) before the starting time of your appointment.
  • Be aware that 24-hours' notice is required if you are unable to make your appointment.
  • Bring all required documentation to your appointment! 

In case you have further questions about registration at City Hall, you can contact us by sending an email to

Health Insurance in the Netherlands

International students who come to The Netherlands have a legal obligation to arrange sufficient medical insurance for the duration of their stay. The type of insurance you need depends on whether you are solely here for study purposes, or whether you have a paid (part-time) job in The Netherlands.

Non-working students:
Students who are in The Netherlands solely for study purposes, i.e. students who are not in a (part-time) job, are exempt from the general requirement to have a Dutch Basic Health Insurance (DBHI). They will have to make alternative arrangements for medical coverage.
If you are from the EU
Students coming from the EU often remain covered under a public healthcare insurance plan in their home country. This insurance usually provides you with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card provides access to health care in the Netherlands. However, it usually provides only limited reimbursement for medical treatments, based on your home country's standards. If a treatment is more expensive in The Netherlands than in your home country, you will have to pay for the price difference yourself. Students should therefore carefully consider an additional coverage as a supplement to their EHIC.

If you're not from the EU:
Non-EU students will have to make other arrangements for their medical coverage. For example, you can take out a private insurance policy. Please note that regular travel insurances often exclude study trips or limit the time you can spend abroad to 60 or 90 consecutive days.

For both EU as non-EU students, there are private packages on the market especially designed for international students. A company that can provide this type of package at a competitive price is Aon Student Insurance. The Insurance Certificate for Students (ICS) can provide either a supplemental or full coverage for emergency medical expenses and provides several other important coverage categories (read more under 'Insurance Company').

Working students:
If you are employed in The Netherlands by a (part-time) job or if you are an intern that receives a internship compensation, being more than minimum wage, you are required to apply for Dutch Basic Health Insurance (in Dutch: Basiszorgverzekering). Many Dutch insurance companies provide the Dutch Basic Health Insurance, which provides a government-mandated coverage that includes general practitioner care, specialist care and ER care. You can also buy supplemental insurance for i.e. dental care and optometry.

The Dutch Basic Health Insurance includes a mandatory deductible of € 385,00. This mandatory deductible does not apply to appointments with your general practitioner, obstetric care and maternity care. You can also choose to have an additional voluntary deductible that can range from € 100,00 - € 500,00. A higher voluntary deductible equals a lower monthly insurance premium. You are free to choose any Dutch health insurance company to get a Dutch Basic Health Insurance.

Several insurance companies provide student insurances tailored for international students in The Netherlands. A popular example is the Aon Student Insurance. The Aon Student Insurance (ICS) provides comprehensive coverage for emergency medical expenses, repatriation, liability, luggage, accidents and legal support in one package. The ICS Start+ costs € 0,83 per day for EU students with an EHIC (supplemental coverage for emergency medical expenses). The ICS Complete costs € 1,31 per day for non-EU students (full coverage for emergency medical expenses). You can apply via the website at

Please contact Aon Student Insurance directly for any health insurance or policy questions. They are available via phone at +31 (0) 10 44 8270 or e-mail at

As always Webster University is here to help and you may e-mail with any concerns or comments.

Opening a Dutch bank account

If you’d like to open a Dutch bank account while studying at Webster Leiden Campus, you can find the instructions below. These instructions will tell you how to open an ABN AMRO, ING, or Rabobank bank account; these are the three biggest banks in the Netherlands.

The ABN AMRO bank is located right next to the Leiden Central Station, at Stationsweg 31-33. The bank does charge a fee for use of the bank account and a bank card; however, the website and internet banking are available in English. Take a look at the website and see whether this bank suits you:

If you decide to open a bank account with ABN AMRO, we advise you to start the procedure and submit the application form before you arrive in the Netherlands, as it takes a while to complete the process. Proof of registration at the city hall (your BSN-number) is not required immediately, but you will need to submit it within 2 months of activating the account.

Opening an ABN AMRO account
The first step to opening an account at ABN AMRO is filling in the application form for an international student account. You can find this form on the International Students page of the ABN AMRO website.

After filling out this form, you must print it, sign it, and send it to the ABN AMRO bank: Stationsweg 31-33, 2312 AT Leiden

Students under the age of 18 need to submit a copy of a parent or guardian’s passport attached to their application form.

Make sure to send the form well before you leave, this way the application process will be completed by the time you get to the Netherlands and you will be able to activate your account immediately.

After submitting the form, please wait until you receive a confirmation e-mail from the ABN AMRO, this could take a week or two. Once you receive this e-mail, you can proceed with scheduling an appointment to open and activate your account. This appointment will take place at the ABN AMRO office (address above).

Required documents needed at the appointment: Resident (You are a resident if you are staying for a period of at least 6 months and have a rental contract):

  • Valid passport or identity card
  • Letter of acceptance from Webster Leiden Campus
  • Rental contract or proof of registration at City Hall

Please note that if you are staying in the Netherlands for more than 6 months, you always need to include a residential address in the application form; otherwise your application will be rejected.

Required documents needed at the appointment: Non-Resident (You are a non-resident if you are staying in the Netherlands for a period of fewer than 4 months)

  • Valid passport or identity card (same document as stated on the International Student Account Application Form)
  • Letter of acceptance from Webster Leiden Campus
  • Proof of address in home country (e.g. bank statement or telephone bill)

Bank Card: The bank card will be sent to your address in the Netherlands within 3 to 4 working days. You do not need proof of registration at the city hall (BSN-number) to activate your account, but you will be requested to provide ABN Amro bank with your BSN-number within two months after opening the account.

Costs: A monthly fee of €2.75 is charged for the use of the account and the bank card.

Closing the account: To close your account, you will have to set up an appointment at the ABN AMRO bank office to sign a form officially requesting the termination of your account. You are expected to have a copy of your valid passport, your contact details, and details of another bank account in case money is accidentally transferred to your closed account.

Another bank that welcomes international students is the ING bank. Their app is available in English, yet the website and internet banking are only available in Dutch. You have to be at least 18 years old to open an account at this bank. Take a look at the website and see if this bank suits you:

To open an account at the ING, you have to make an appointment at their office, which is located at Schuttersveld 18, 2316 ZC Leiden

Required documents needed at the appointment:

  • Valid passport or other form of identification
  • Proof of enrollment at Webster Leiden Campus
  • Proof of registration at the municipality (BSN-number), if available

If you bring all required documentation, including your BSN number, the account will be activated immediately, and you will receive an active bank card immediately. If you do not have a BSN-number yet, the bank card will be sent to your address within a week, after which you can activate the account.

Costs : Every three months you will pay €3.75 for the account.

Closing the account: To close your bank account, you can make an appointment at the ING office. Make sure to bring a valid passport and your bank card with you to the appointment.

Another option is the Rabobank, which charges no fees for the use of the account or bank card. Unfortunately, the website and internet banking are only available in Dutch, and you are required to have a BSN-number. Check out the website to see if this bank is for you:

The account is activated immediately, and after 5 working days you will receive your bank card and PIN code in the mail. To open an account, you must make an appointment at the Rabobank office, which is located at Stationsweg 37-39, 2312 AT Leiden.

Required documents needed at the appointment:

  • Valid passport or other form of identification
  • Proof of enrollment at the EUR
  • Proof of registration at the municipality (BSN-number), if available

Closing the account: To close an account at the Rabobank, you have to make sure there is no money left. You can either transfer it to a different account, or the Rabobank can do this for you. You need to stop by the Rabobank office to sign the form officially requesting termination of the account; the account will be closed immediately. Make sure to bring a valid passport in case they ask for a copy.