Information & Services Front Desk

Located at the main entrance of our main academic building Boommarkt 1 - Information & Services offers a range of services for students.

Information & Services is the front desk where students are able to:

  • Check if a class has been cancelled, postponed, moved etc.
  • Check for/drop off “lost and found” items
  • Drop off something for a professor (instructors’ mailboxes are on the right)
  • Check for packages/mail in the students’ mailboxes:
  • All mail that is addressed to a student will be placed in the student mailboxes located in the I&S office. It is the student’s responsibility to check the boxes. Webster University is not responsible for mail or packages that are addressed to students. N.B.= Students should not use the University address and should always de-register with City Hall.
  • Check for presence/absence of staff/faculty
  • Call in sick/absent for class
  • Ask for key to open classrooms
  • Request general information about Webster the Netherlands or Leiden
  • Order and pick up their student ID card:
  • Email a digital head shot of you, along with your student ID number to to request a student ID card. Cards arrive in about 6-8 weeks from the St. Louis campus. There is a €10.00 fee for replacement cards.