Classroom & Learning Facilities

Webster Leiden Campus has several classroom facilities that are available for student use.  Some facilities may require permission or special access.

Video Connected Classroom

Webster Leiden Campus has a dedicated video-connected classroom that is equipped with the latest classroom technology to facilitate fully synchronous online video class experiences and videoconferencing capabilities.  This room contains two interactive touchscreen displays, integrated webcams and microphones suited for synchronous connections. This classroom is located in Room 4 in the main campus building, Boommarkt 1.

Digital Library

The Digital Library is open to all students and is equipped with a range of computer equipment to deliver a workspace capable of handling the latest productivity and creativity software. The Digital Library has Mac OS X equipped machines and printing facilities.The Digital Library is located at Boommarkt 3, across from the main building.

Media Lab

The Media Lab is an advanced Mac-based lab that is used for Media Communications production courses in interactive digital media, audio production, photography, and video production.  The lab is also available for Media Communications students, or students enrolled in a production course, to work on class projects, or to explore and expand experiences with the advanced production software applications. The Media Lab must be reserved in advance at the I&S desk.

Media Studio

The Media Communications department operates a professional media studio that hosts a sound booth that can be used by Media Communications students, or students enrolled in a production course to work on audio-based assignments or to explore their own podcasting, music creation, or other audio-based experiences. The Media Studio also provides optimal space for students to explore and create visual media.