Writing Center

Academic writing can be a difficult and tedious process. Even if we clearly understand a topic and are able to discuss it, it is not always clear with which words, in what order, and to what extent, we should provide the reader with the information in a written text. Luckily, writing is something that both native and non-native speakers can improve with practice, a bit of effort, and some help. The Writing Center offers assistance with the following:

  • Narrowing down a topic
  • Finding and supporting a thesis statement
  • Structuring a text/paragraph
  • Paraphrasing and avoiding plagiarism
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Referencing
  • Proof-reading (to enhance grammar, style, & flow)

Send an email to writingcenter@webster.nl to make an appointment, or drop in at the Writing Center (Boommarkt 1, meeting room downstairs). Drop-ins are always welcome, but making an appointment will guarantee that you receive assistance when you need it. The Writing Center is open at the following times:

 Tuesday 9:30-17:00

Wednesday 12:00-17:00

Our Writing Center Coordinator: Dr. Allison Kirk

The Writing Center is run by Dr. Allison Kirk, a Canadian instructor of English writing and English linguistics. Dr. Kirk received a BA in linguistics with a minor in Ancient Greek and Latin from the University of Alberta in 2004. In 2004 she went on to do an MA in historical linguistics at Concordia University, Montreal. She finished in 2007 with a thesis on noun phrases in Ancient Greek prose. After this, she completed an intensive Oxford TESL course at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Soon after completing the course, an opportunity to do a PhD in linguistics came up at Leiden University and she moved in 2008 and completed the degree in 2012. She published two papers about word order in Ancient Greek, a book review on the history of relative clauses, and a book review on syntactic change in English, in addition to her PhD thesis.