Academic Advising plays a major role in your academic career at Webster and will provide you with individualized academic program planning.

Once you are accepted by the University, you will be put in touch with an Academic Advisor to prepare you for a successful start of your program. Your Academic Advisor will support you in defining your academic plans, will inform you about course options in your degree, will help you in meeting the course requirements of your program, and will explain the academic policies and procedures of the university.

Your Advisor can be of assistance to you if you experience academic difficulty or if you need accommodation for your learning difficulties or student counseling. Your Academic Advisor cares about your success and about you as a person!

The Academic Advising team

Lisa Foss is the Academic Advisor for Undergraduate students.

Dr. Sheetal Shah is the Academic Director of Webster Leiden.

Degree completion

If you have registered for your next semester courses and you are sure your degree requirements will be completed within that semester, you can Petition to Graduate.

You can find the details of the Petition to Graduate process in the following links:

Undergraduate Petition to Graduate

Graduate Petition to Graduate

Graduation dates

Formal graduation dates and petition deadlines can be found here.

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS) and dual US/Dutch (IBMS and ABSS) students can graduate officially after any of the three academic semesters (May, August or December). Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) students can graduate after any of the five academic terms.

Graduation process

Once the Office of Academic Affairs has completed the final review of your academic record, to ensure that all degree requirements have been met, an official notification will be noted in our academic archives. This can also be visible in Connections under Academic Record and will be posted on your transcripts. Webster will report the awarding of your degree to a central clearinghouse for historic and permanent record.

Please remember that your academic record in Connections is considered an unofficial transcript and may not be utilized as formal notification of your degree.


Diplomas will be sent from St Louis to our campus within 10-12 weeks from the conferral date of your degree. You will be contacted by that time to provide your preferred delivery address for the document.


The process to request an official transcript can be found online on our Transcript Request page. It is important to note that any outstanding financial holds on your account will keep us from being able to issue your official transcript and diploma. You may check your account via Connections to ensure that your account is free of any holds.

If you have not done so already, be sure to complete the Webster University Outcomes Survey. This survey of recent graduates asks about your Webster experiences and gives you a chance to provide valuable feedback. The survey can be found at and takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Graduation Ceremony

The official Graduation Ceremony for Webster Leiden students will take place once a year in May in the Pieterskerk in Leiden.