leon Leon Wudy works as a Junior Immigration Officer at Webster Leiden. He has a Masters of Arts degree in International Relations and Affairs. His experiences as a student prepared him well for the position.


“It’s quite interesting working here, because I’ve seen the other side of the campus”, he said. “I was a student at Webster for six years for both my Bachelor’s and my Master’s degrees. I work in the Immigration Department, where I assist with arranging Visas for non-EU students, liaising with the Dutch Immigration Naturalization Service (IND) and communicating with Admissions and Academic Advising, among other things. Helping students out this way is a nice link to what I studied as a student.”

Growing up in Indonesia, Leon went to an International school. Enrolling at Webster Leiden allowed him to stay in that international environment.

“Webster is very international, which was something I preferred”, he said. “I did a bit of research before enrolling here. Also, during my junior year of high school the university visited my high school. There I was able to acquire a bit of information about the Leiden campus.”

During his studies, Leon was a student worker on campus, both in the library and the student dorms, as well as at the reception desk.

“My time here as a student was fun and a lot of work, but well worth it”, Leon stated. “I got really acquainted with all the procedures at Webster. The work I’m doing now is really built on all the experiences and opportunities I had as a student. Specifically working here is something I very much enjoy.”