Online Programs

Webster University also offers an online MBA and other Master of Arts programs through its Academic Distance Learning Center. Visit WorldClassRoom for more information.

Another advantage you'll experience at Webster is the opportunity to select from outstanding online offerings. Online courses adhere to the same high academic standards as our traditional classroom program. However, rather than attending class at a specific time one night a week or on weekends, the online program lets you pursue your degree anytime, any place.
In addition to saving commuting time, parking, and child care, the online format lets you complete weekly assignments and projects at your own pace during the week. You can log on anytime to accommodate your own lifestyle. There is no worry about being able to complete your degree if you move or are transferred. The online program is available wherever you go!

Online learning is not just about flexibility. In today's global environment being able to communicate effectively on-line and feeling comfortable and secure doing it is a key skill to have. Taking courses online gives you additional course options to choose from and it also allows you to gain the special communication skills needed in today's world (via this valuable medium).

The following programs are primarily online programs with a few courses in each program that can be taken residentially. These programs consist of the same rigor as our residential programs and students are encouraged to interact with their academic advisor as needed to ensure smooth progress through the program.