Faculty Facilities

Faculty Lounge & low-enrollment classroom

We recently set up two new rooms in the library building at Boommarkt 3, namely a low-enrollment/directed studies classroom and a faculty lounge.

The low-enrollment/directed studies classroom is the room right behind the librarian’s desk. There is a computer as well as a flat screen. It is mainly used for directed studies and low-enrollment classes. If you wish to use this room for a meeting,  you need to make a reservation via Information & Services. You may not walk in with booking it first. Notice that directed studies and low-enrollment classes take priority over meetings.

The faculty lounge is the small room between the kitchen and the low-enrollment classroom. It is a place for quiet reading and relaxing between classes. The space accommodates two people, and there are two computer workstations. This room does not need to be booked in advance, you may just walk in and make us of it, if it is available. The opening hours are 09.00-18.00, Monday to Friday. Next to the faculty lounge is a kitchen area, including a fridge and microwave.

General classroom instructions 


  1. Please do not remove any cables from the back of the computer!
  2. Log out of all accounts (email, facebook, google… etc…)
  3. Please remember to remove all extra devices from the computer (USB stick, pointers etc…)
  4. Please do not use the computer as a storage device 
  5. Remove obsolete files or ones which are no longer required from the computer.
  6. Do not switch computer off it will go into sleep mode within 15 minutes of inactivity.

HDMI switch

  1. Please ensure that the HDMI switch is reset back to LED 1

TV screen

  1. Please make sure the TV is using the HDMI as the source (there is a button on the remote labelled HDMI)
  2. Please switch the TV off

Specific classroom instructions

Room 4

    1. Please use the touch screen control unit to switch the system on and off only
    2. Please do not change any other settings if it is not working please report it to the reception, help will arrive.

Room 7

    1. If you raise the projector screen, please lower it again.
    2. Do not change any settings or switch the amplifier off
    3. The input for the beamer should not be touched if it is then please reset it to input D.
    4. Please ensure that the beamer is switched off.

These instructions are for the benefit of all faculty who use the classrooms.

Meeting room

We recently set up a meeting room  in the main building at Boommarkt 1, namely the room at the right end of the main corridor on the ground floor, right in front of room 7. If you wish to have a meeting with your students or fellow faculty members, please, ask reception to book it for you. You may not walk in, the room always needs to be booked in advance. Notice that this room is not a faculty lounge. It is only meant for short meetings and not for relaxing between classes.


There are two parking lots at Webster, one for staff/faculty and one for students. The staff/faculty parking lot is adjacent to the main building. All you need to do is announce your name at the barrier and you are in – if there is a spot available. Double parking is not allowed.

Copying & Printing

In order to access all copying services you need to register with with Information & Services at reception@webster.nl, and provide them with your Webster ID number. Please, notice that reception staff cannot make copies for faculty, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Information & Services

Information & Services is the front desk where you will be able to book classrooms, mail your letters, collect classroom keys and request IT assistance. The faculty mailboxes are on the right. Any mail, messages, papers for faculty is deposited there. Please, check your mailbox on a regular basis.