Emergency Response Procedure

Follow these steps when confronted with a First Aid situation in the classroom or on campus.

  1. Report (or call) the I&S desk and tell them the situation.
  2. I&S will contact an Emergency Response Officer for you.
  3. Make yourself available for the ERO if necessary.
  4. When I&S is closed or unmanned call #112 for any life-threatening issue.
  5. When calling #112 state your name, what type of issue you have (medical/fire/police), and location. They will assist you from there.

 The Emergency Response Officers (EROs) are:

  1. Anita Huijts, I&S Officer huijts@webster.nl
  2. Christine Benninger, Student Affairs Coordinator benninger@webster.nl
  3. Glen Christian, Facilities Manager christian@webster.nl
  4. Mac McDonald, IT Officer McDonnell@webster.nl

EROs are able to apply first aid to a variety of injuries and medical needs while waiting for the Emergency Medical Team. They all our certified under the Dutch Institute for In-house Emergency Response Institute for Firefighting & Evacuation and First Aid.

Building Evacuation Procedure

In the event of a fire or required evacuation of the building the slow whoop siren will sound.

When you hear the siren please do the following:

  • Retrieve your coat or jacket and any important personal belongings (handbag, keys, telephone, money etc). Instruct your students to do the same.  Any laptops in use need to remain in the room. Exit the classroom.
  • Leave the classroom light on.
  • Close the classroom door. DO NOT lock the door.
  • Leave the building at a normal pace using your designated Emergency Exit. Make sure your students follow you.
  • Make your way to the Assembly Point, which is in the main parking lot.
  • At the Assembly Point check if all your students are present. Staff will assist if necessary.
  • Report to the Emergency Response Officer present if any students are unaccounted for.
  • Remain at the Assembly Point until instructed otherwise by the Emergency Response Team.

Designated Emergency Exits:

Classrooms 2 + 5 + 6       Emergency Exit Front Door

Classroom 3 + 4               Emergency Exit Room 4 

Classroom 1 + 7.             Emergency Exit Room 7 

When evacuating the building from classroom 5 and 6 please instruct your students to keep to the right hand side of the stairs when descending.