Canvas World Class Room Checklist


To be completed by the first week of the term or semester:

⦁ Set the time zone under Settings for Leiden, Netherlands.
⦁ Create the Syllabus on Concourse and send it for review to the department head. The syllabus will display automatically on Canvas under the Syllabus section.

Note that some departments in STL have not fully adopted Concourse yet. They are the following:
⦁ Department of Music from the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts
⦁ Anthropology and Sociology, Biological Sciences, Department of Professional Counseling, and Department of Religious Studies from the College of Arts and Sciences.

 If you are teaching in programs from these departments in STL, you will need to:
⦁ Paste the appropriate, approved course description and learning outcomes into your syllabus since they may not have been copied from a department maintained template
⦁ Manually enable the Concourse integration in your WorldClassRoom course home page.

⦁ Build up the assignments one by one under Assignments (not under Files, in a PowerPoint presentation or somewhere else!).

Make sure that you configure the Assignment Groups according to those mentioned in the syllabus and add the appropriate weights to the groups (e.g. “Presentations: 20%”, “Essays: 50%”, etc.).

Upload rubrics as a part of the assignment (if applicable).     

In the first class, talk through with the students how you use Canvas.

Mandatory throughout the semester:

⦁ Mark attendance every class under Attendance.
⦁ All the communication with the students must go through Canvas.
⦁ Grade students gradually under Grades - not at the end of the term or semester.


⦁ In case you have extra material such as readings, presentations or visual material, upload them under Files or Modules (not under Assignments!) (Please create separate folders such as Readings, Presentations etc. and name the files to match the content, so the students do not have to open all the files in order to find the right one.)
⦁  Upload PPT's/class materials ahead of the class so that students can follow along on their own screens/print out to take notes on.
⦁ If you are using Adobe Spark, please upload the presentation as PowerPoint or PDF. Sometimes the links do not work or might expire.


  • Grades are personal, confidential information. Please be sensitive where and how you share the student grades.
  • If anything changes on the syllabus such as course dates or deadlines throughout the course, please make sure that you update the Syllabus accordingly on Concourse (Approval of the department head is required for every single change). This change will be automatically displayed on Canvas under the Syllabus section.
  • If you need help or have any questions about Canvas, please contact Sophie Heinis at (for PSYC, BUSN and INTL courses) or Noemi Mena Montes at (for MEDC courses).