The Graduate Experience

At the Webster Leiden Campus, graduate students will find a collaborative and supportive environment. We specifically tailor workshops and events around busy lives and encourage students to become involved on campus. From Career Workshops, Skill Development, Ambassador Lectures, to Networking events there is always something to do on campus.

A complete higher education experience cannot be contained in just a classroom. It is so much more. Our campus provides a wide range of activities, events and organizations that shape your daily life.  Many resources are available to enable students to connect with the programs and activities – from publications and online resources to professionals offering academic advice, counseling and other helpful services.

Whether it's a mentor, roommate, a classmate, or a work colleague you meet while attending classes – these people develop lifelong friendships and strengthen your network both in the Netherlands and on a global scale. These relationships contribute to an extremely unique experience only at Webster University.

Come and challenge yourself!



graduate flier

Come and challenge yourself!