Admission Requirements

At Webster University we look for high potential individuals with a global mindset, who are not only motivated to succeed academically, but also to thrive in society. We are proud to welcome students from different countries and backgrounds with the belief that embracing such diversity can only contribute to their overall development and enhance their experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. The Board of Admissions reviews every application carefully to decide who will be offered a placement.

Graduate Applicants

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the deposit for non-EU students has been lowered from euro 10.000 to euro 8100. Moreover, the deposit will be refundable if a student has obtained a visa to study in the Netherlands, but nevertheless is unable to travel to the Netherlands due to Corona travel restrictions. These changes are applicable for Fall 2020. These changes will be extended to Spring 2021 if the travel ban/travel restrictions resulting from the Corona pandemic are still in place in Spring 2021.  

Application Form: The process begins with the submission of your online application form and payment of the application fee (USD 50). The application fee can be paid by credit card. Applicants are required to upload a number of supplemental items to support their application. These are listed below.

Supplemental items: After receiving your application form you will be able to upload the following remaining documents into your application:

  • Copy of a recent CV or Resume
  • Letter of motivation (one page) stating why you want to pursue the program and how it ties into your current career or future professional goals
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Certified copies of your transcripts
  • TOEFL 550/80 or IETLS 6.5 scores if applicable. If you will be taking a TOEFL test outside of Webster and would like to have your results automatically sent to us, please use the following code: 0548.

Acceptance: After viewing the completed application package, the Admissions Committee will make a formal acceptance decision. An admissions representative will then contact you informally to let you know whether or not you have been accepted to Webster University, and if so, an official acceptance letter will be emailed to you. 

Enrollment and Tuition Deposit: In order to confirm your enrollment, register for classes, and begin arrangements for any immigration process (if applicable), Webster Leiden Campus requests students to submit a confirmation deposit. The deposit amount for students are as below:

  • EU students ( Visa not required ) : €250
  • International students outside of EU, not requiring MVV: €1,000
  • International students outside of EU, requiring MVV: €10,000
  • Please read our withdrawal policy (PDF)

*In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the deposit for non-EU students requiring MVV has been lowered from €10.000 to € 8100.

  • The reduced deposit minus the visa application fee of €500 will be refundable provided a student has obtained a visa to study in the Netherlands, but is unable to travel to the Netherlands due to Corona-related travel restrictions.
  • For non-EU students not requiring an MVV, the deposit remains €1,000 and a student will be eligible for a refund minus the visa application fee of €500 under these same terms.
  • In all cases, the €250 administrative cost will not be charged in case of withdrawal

These changes are applicable for the Fall I & Fall II, 2020 terms only.

This policy is subject to change. Please contact your admissions officer for more details.

Please find our payment instructions here.

Registration: Once your payment has been received and registration for classes opens, you will be contacted by your Academic Advisor to register for your classes. If you are in need of a student Visa to enter the Netherlands, your visa process will also start at this time.

Academic Calendar 2020 - 21

Fall 2020

August 17 - December 18


Fall 1: Aug. 17 - Oct. 16          Fall 2: Oct. 19 - Dec. 18

Spring 2021

January 4 - May 14


Spring 1: Jan. 4 - Mar. 5  Spring 2: Mar. 15 - May 14


Important Note: Students who need a Visa need to apply at least 3 months before their intended start date!

Contact us:
For more questions or inquiries, please contact Webster Leiden Campus,  Admissions Office and we will be more than happy to assist you!

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+31 71 516 8000